Hillary Swann

Teacher and founder, EMPOWER

2023 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Hillary Swann is the youngest Executive Team Teacher at Caroline Chisholm School in Canberra.

As well as mentoring young educators and helping the school’s leadership focus on the wellbeing of students and teachers, Hillary has launched EMPOWER, a program focused on building confidence, skills and capacity in Year 10 girls.

Some of the girls who have participated in EMPOWER will be the first in their families to finish school, to be granted a HMEF scholarship, to go on to university, to engage in a sport or pursue a career.

Hillary organises and coordinates all EMPOWER sessions, which include key areas such as physical health and fitness, relationship literacy and future skills.

The impact of these opportunities on Canberra and the wider educational community are significant. Since EMPOWER’s launch, other schools in Canberra have contacted Hillary, hoping to embed the program in their schools.