Gregory Aldridge

CEO of EveryMan Australia

2022 ACT Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

A registered psychologist, Gregory (Greg) Aldridge has long offered his skills and knowledge to a range of programs dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families deal with domestic and family violence.

For the past two decades, he’s devoted himself to building EveryMan Australia into a trusted organisation that helps men with a range of issues take control of their lives – starting with their violent and aggressive behaviours. He gives them a voice and the tools they need to overcome tough times.

Greg also supports men who live with high and complex needs, arising from childhood exposure to domestic violence and sexual abuse, mental health conditions, substance use, intellectual disability and acquired brain injury.

Greg is a member of the Domestic Violence Prevention Council, and was previously a board member for the ACT Council of Cultural & Community Organisations.

Working in the community sector since 1977, Greg is a creative thought leader and a strong advocate for changing the way we understand men’s violent and aggressive behaviours.