Glenys Oogjes

Animal justice advocate

2024 VIC Senior Australian of the Year

Glenys Oogjes started work at Animals Australia in 1983 as its sole employee. She is now CEO of the organisation, which is one of Australia’s most effective animal advocacy groups, and has been putting animal welfare on government and community agendas for four decades. 

Glenys has been a quiet force behind historic changes in Australian animal policy, including some of our current animal protection laws. She was one of the instigators behind the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy – first endorsed in 2004 – and the more recent Australian Animal Welfare Standards for Poultry, which will see battery cages for egg-laying hens phased out across the country. 

Even when faced with distressing evidence or vehement opposition, Glenys remains a calm bulwark for animal justice. 

Highly regarded internationally, Glenys is also a board member of the World Federation for Animals and works with other leaders to build a kinder world on a global scale.