Felicity Graham

Author, advocate and CEO, Fostering Change Australia

2023 SA Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Felicity Graham spent nine years of her childhood in the foster care system, being moved from place to place, including a youth homeless centre.  

After a year in what she thought was her forever home where she felt loved and cared for, her mental health deteriorated. With her carers unable to provide the support she needed, Felicity’s placement ended. 

At 17, Felicity Graham published an autobiography, Not Held Down. Through the book she hopes to raise awareness about the challenges in the child protection system and to give a voice to children in care who feel forgotten.  

Felicity advocates for better support for children, plus more training and support for foster carers, through her organisation Fostering Change Australia, which she launched at the age of 19. 

Currently studying youth work, she shares her lived experience with foster care agencies and other relevant organisations and hopes to extend her advocacy.