Father Brian Morrison


2006 WA Senior Australian of the Year

Since the 1950s, Fr Brian Morrison has been providing crisis care for children in areas ravaged by war, upheaval and displacement. He personally delivered medical supplies, food and clothing to the sick and dying children of Chernobyl, suffering a dose of radiation sickness himself. He has provided aid to around 30 international disaster areas, including Bangladeshi floods, Cambodian killing fields, Iraqi earthquakes, Iranian refugees crisis, a PNG tidal wave, and Balkans wars. At home, Brian pitched in after Darwin's Cyclone Tracy and provided aid for the victims of Canberra's disastrous 2003 bushfires. Brian has been operating his crisis care centre for over 35 years, while continuing his pastoral vocation of serving society's disadvantaged. His crisis response skills were highly effective after the Asian tsunami - Brian collected and distributed 320 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the worst affected areas, probably WA's biggest humanitarian effort ever.