Eddie Woo

Mathematics teacher

2018 Local Hero

Arguably Australia’s most famous mathematics teacher, Eddie Woo makes maths fun. The head mathematics teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School, the largest secondary school in New South Wales, Eddie started posting videos online in 2012 for a student who was sick with cancer and missing a lot of school. Before long, he was sharing the videos across the country and beyond. Wootube now boasts more than 100,000 subscribers and has attracted more than eight million views worldwide and counting. With infectious enthusiasm, the father-of-three's unique and caring approach to teaching destigmatises mathematics as an inaccessible and difficult subject. Outside his high school classroom, Eddie is a volunteer facilitator with the University of Sydney's Widening Participation and Outreach program and has motivated more than 1,400 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A brilliant student, Eddie could have chosen any field, but in defiance of social convention and his parents opted for teaching. Today, he is using his vocation to “pay it forward” and make education equitable for all.


""It was a very moving experience for me to become Local Hero. On a personal level, I was bullied and discriminated against as a child for my Asian heritage. To be held up as not only a truly Australian identity, but indeed as one to be celebrated and honoured, remains astonishing to me.

"Being a Local Hero has raised the profile of teachers in Australian society and the importance of mathematics. I’ve travelled the country speaking at schools, universities and community events; written numerous books; hosted TV shows; advocated for my cause with politicians; and represented our country internationally as an educator. I now have influence far beyond the classroom. My senior role in the NSW Department of Education allows me to lead an initiative where my team supports schools across the state."