Dr Trudy Lin

Special Needs Dentistry consultant at Adelaide Dental Hospital

2022 SA Young Australian of the Year

As the youngest of only 20 practising specialists in Australia’s Special Needs Dentistry sector, Dr Trudy Lin provides oral healthcare to people with disability, psychiatric illness, and complex medical issues such as cancer. She also treats people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence.

Trudy’s passion for dentistry started as a child, after seeing the profound impact poor oral health had on her father’s life, including his physical, social and psychological wellbeing. From then on, she was set on specialising in Special Needs Dentistry to care for the most vulnerable people – a place she believed her profession could create the most positive impact.

Trudy has completed a research thesis on implementing a triaging tool to improve oral healthcare access for people with disability. This work has received multiple accolades, including the 2020 Australian and New Zealand division winner of the International Association of Dental Research Poster Competition.

Showing a strong work ethic and exemplary leadership skills, Trudy continues to dedicate her career to improving access to oral healthcare for all Australians.