Dr Saul Griffith

Co-founder, Rewiring Australia

2024 NSW Australian of the Year Nominee

Dr Saul Griffith, co-founder of not-for-profit Rewiring Australia, has a gift for turning large reams of complex data into simple, actionable plans. 

The engineer and clean energy advocate has spent a substantial part of his career working in the United States where he set up Otherlab and Rewiring America. Under his leadership, Rewiring America helped shape the US Inflation Reduction Act – the largest ever investment in energy transition and electrification. 

Since returning to Australia in 2021, Saul has focused on Rewiring Australia. The group promotes electrification of households, transport and businesses, and running them off renewable energy. This could help Australia achieve its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions targets, ease cost-of-living pressures and reduce dependence on imported petrol and diesel. 

A best-selling author, speaker and promoter of energy literacy, Saul advocates for bold and ambitious climate policy. He’s inspired communities across Australia to form their own Electrify Everything groups and campaigns.