Dr Penny Flett

Geriatrics specialist

2009 WA Australian of the Year

Dr Penny Flett has had a long interest in geriatric medicine but has become a champion for people of all ages who require a high level of ongoing support. Dr Flett has worked in a variety of positions including serving with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). In 1974, she became the first woman in peacetime to hold a male rank and the first woman doctor to serve in the RAAF. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Brightwater Care Group, which provides residential and at-homes services for elderly and young disabled people.

Over the years she has contributed to many boards and associations and is currently Chair of the WA Aged Care Advisory Council. The Council provides advice to the West Australian Government on health and related aged care services for older people. In this role she oversaw the development of a State Aged Care Plan, which provided the first ever blueprint to guide the evolution of health and aged care services for the elderly. She has worked tirelessly to dispel stereotypes of old age, and shift deep-seated cultural attitudes. Dr Flett’s goal is for the community to revalue older people, and respect their wisdom and experience. She is leading the way in enhancing the lives of older Australians.