Dr Paola Magni

Forensic scientist, SmartInsects developer and RedShoes ambassador

2024 WA Australian of the Year Nominee

Renowned forensic specialist and innovator Dr Paola Magni uses insects and other small creatures to help solve murders, suspicious deaths and cold cases. She also conducts research to enhance law enforcement's ability to resolve criminal cases.  

The ‘bug whisperer’ developed the SmartInsects app, a practical tool for pathologists and investigators at crime scenes, enabling them to accurately collect even the tiniest evidence that can be effectively used in a court of law.  

A sought-after corporate speaker, award-winner and author of numerous papers, Paola has significantly contributed to the fields of forensic entomology, aquatic forensics, education and technology.  

Inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame in 2022, Paola volunteers on numerous boards and works pro-bono investigating cases of animal cruelty.  

She is nurturing the next generation of women in science by challenging stereotypes in STEM, and her efforts against gender-based violence led to her becoming the Red Shoes ambassador for Australia.