Dr Kaye Price

Indigenous education advocate

2007 ACT Senior Australian of the Year

Dr Price’s commitment to education can be seen in her career as a primary school teacher, principal, university lecturer, Indigenous education consultant, and curriculum writer. The list of advisory and consultative committees and education bodies she has contributed to over the past forty years is very extensive. She has lectured at tertiary levels in Queensland and now at the University of Canberra. Kaye has worked tirelessly on improving the educational experience for Indigenous school students through her investigations of pragmatic learning environment programs and her examination of the relationships between school outcomes and Indigenous students’ positive self identity. Kaye certainly practises what she teaches. As proof that learning and education is a life-long process, she graduated in 1995 with a Master of Education from the University of South Australia and this year was awarded her doctorate by the ANU’s Centre for CrossCultural Research. All this while balancing a family support role.