Dr John van Bockxmeer


2014 WA Young Australian of the Year

A doctor in the Kimberley, Dr John van Bockxmeer is dedicated to improving the health of all Australians. For over ten years John has led numerous voluntary local, national and international initiatives representing excellence in the fields of medicine and community development. Looking out the window in the remote Pilbara region, John saw Indigenous children kicking a tin can around the dusty oval and had an epiphany - to use recycled sports equipment to deliver fitness and wellness activities to people in need. He collected equipment and drove 3,500 kilometres, running sessions and donating items across Australia. Since then his spare time is dedicated to managing his charity Fair Game. The charity has donated over 8,000 items of recycled equipment to migrant and Indigenous communities and continues to inspire change through fitness, capacity-building and health education programs.  A natural leader, John inspires those around him through the breadth and quality of his achievements.  He coordinates a 'Fair Gamers' volunteer mentoring program, expanding Fair Game's ability to help more Australian communities.