Dr Jim Peacock AC

Agricultural scientist

2013 ACT Senior Australian of the Year

Jim Peacock has made outstanding contributions to Australian science, agribusiness and science education in schools.  His commitment to science and his belief in its benefits for Industry and society and his willingness to speak to the public, bringing them the excitement of modern science, have been of enormous benefit to Australia.  In gene technology research he was responsible for the development of insect resistant cotton in Australia removing the dependence on agrichemicals.  His achievements in plant science include the development of a low GI, high fibre variety of barley, valuable to human health.  He is known as a committed, energetic and inspirational leader in the science world.  He has also instilled the excitement and potential of science into young Australians through the successful development of Primary Connections and Scientists in Schools pairing 1500 scientists and teachers.  Jim established the Discovery Centre in Canberra providing many thousands of children and family members with a hands-on science experience illustrating the importance of science in our lives.  Jim’s CSIRO Canberra-based career over four decades included his roles as President of the Australian Academy of Science (2002-2006) and Australia’s Chief Scientist from 2006-2008.