Dr Christine Durham

Teacher and Disability Advocate

2014 VIC Senior Australian of the Year

The life of gifted teacher Dr Christine Durham was turned upside down after she sustained a serious brain injury in a horrific car accident. Christine was determined to return to teaching – a decision that took enormous courage and perseverance. She employed her experience of acquiring a brain injury to inspire her students to think, and her pioneering approach and book, Chasing Ideas, led her to gain an international reputation as a professional learning presenter. Christine’s autobiography, Doing Up Buttons, a deeply personal yet practical account of acquired brain injury, has had a profound effect on those who share her experience and professionals working in health care.  At age 67, Christine completed a Doctor of Philosophy, examining ways to empower people with brain injury, and her PhD findings are explained in Unlocking My Brain: through the labyrinth of Acquired Brain Injury. She is currently completing a learning resource and book which will have a significant impact on medical and caring staff and patients themselves.