Dr Chris Sarra

Indigenous educator

2010 QLD Australian of the Year

Dr Chris Sarra is a world-class educator. Hailing from Bundaberg in Queensland and the youngest of 10 children, Chris experienced first-hand many of the issues faced by Indigenous students throughout their schooling.

In the late 1990’s Dr Sarra took on the challenges of Indigenous education as the Principal of Cherbourg State School in South East Queensland. His ‘Strong and Smart’ philosophy led to dramatic improvements in educational outcomes. Through strong leadership and clear vision he facilitated many changes at the school which saw increasing enthusiasm for student learning, dramatically improved school attendance and increased community involvement in education.

He now heads the Stronger Smarter Institute, which is transforming Indigenous education with positive messages of high expectations, quality relationships and community engagement in schools. Led by Dr Sarra, the Institute’s programs are having significant impact on students, educators and communities in schools across Australia.