Dr Amanda Scott

Advocate for community language learning, bilingualism and multiculturalism

2024 ACT Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Dr Amanda (Mandy) Scott is a prominent advocate of community language learning, bilingualism and multiculturalism.  

She has increased awareness of the diversity of languages in the Canberra region and helped promote the benefits of learning other languages. For example, bilingual playgroups in English and Mandarin, or Spanish or Polish, allow the youngest generations to pick up the language of their grandparents. They also provide a place to connect for parents who speak English as an additional language. 

Mandy advocates for language learning through school and beyond, pointing to research that shows people who know more than one language have better memory and concentration skills. Having different languages also opens opportunities for work and travel. 

An energetic and engaging speaker, Mandy is secretary of the ACT Bilingual Education Alliance and the convenor of the Canberra Region Languages Forum. She is also an Honorary Lecturer at the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics.