Delwyn Polden

Generous teacher

2010 TAS Local Hero

Delwyn Polden’s love of children is evident to all those who know her. During her time at Leighland Christian School she has developed a reputation as a dedicated and inspirational music teacher. She has worked to encourage a love of music in all her students and has developed and enriched the curriculum in creative ways, including busking groups, song writing groups and a lunchtime radio station whilst also working at the Education Department in Burnie.

Delwyn has three children of her own and is currently fostering three children long term. Over the years she and her husband, Rick, have taken hundreds of children into their home on both short term and long term care. Delwyn also seeks to help many children who have experienced difficulty in life by providing them with an avenue of self-development through private music coaching. A compassionate educator and open-hearted mother, Delwyn has changed the lives of many children for the better.