Dame Elisabeth Murdoch - In Memoriam


2007 VIC Senior Australian of the Year

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is an inspiration and a role model for all seniors with her high level of energy, her generosity of spirit, and her common touch. As well as raising children, she has devoted her life to philanthropy. Before her marriage in 1928, she worked as a volunteer for the RSPCA. She joined the management committee of the Royal Children’s Hospital in 1933, serving as its president from 1954 to 1965. An astute and passionate supporter of many worthy causes, particularly the arts, Dame Elisabeth is also firmly committed to the health and welfare of children. She is renowned for her compassion and generosity and is universally admired for her tireless philanthropic works. It has been said that her interests are so many that they need to be listed alphabetically. Dame Elisabeth’s high level of charity work, even in her nineties, is inspirational.