Craig Hollywood

Founder and CEO of Short Back & Sidewalks

2022 WA Local Hero

In 2015, Craig Hollywood pitched the idea of offering free haircuts to the homeless to the team at Westons Barbershop in Perth. Calling it Short Back & Sidewalks, it has since grown into a national initiative that’s gone from strength to strength.

Since the days of heading to car parks in the Perth suburb of Northbridge with a couple of barbers, Short Back & Sidewalks now has around 250 volunteers on its books. Over the years it’s given out around 6,400 free haircuts, regularly operating alongside some of Australia’s largest service providers.

Initially set up to help members of the community experiencing homelessness, Short Back & Sidewalks has now expanded its reach. It also supports young people at risk, women with lived experience of domestic violence, and remote communities where a haircut isn’t easily accessible.

By giving free haircuts, Craig is creating positive connections with vulnerable and marginalised community members – ultimately building a stronger and more inclusive community.