Catherine MacDougall

Co-founder, Prepare Produce Provide

2024 WA Local Hero Nominee

Catherine MacDougall is a chef, educator and trainer who co-founded Prepare Produce Provide (PPP), a not-for-profit organisation helping young people pursue careers in education, food and hospitality.    

Committed to creating meaningful change, Catherine is adopting a multi-faceted approach in addressing the complex issues facing youth.  

The ‘5000Meals’ program addresses wastage and food insecurity by bringing together chefs, students, volunteers and donated food to create nutritious meals for people experiencing homelessness. Since its 2012 inception, it has provided more than 100,000 meals and 45,000 meals during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The ‘Djinda Ngardak’ culinary program offers Aboriginal students across Western Australia the opportunity to train with top chefs and cultural leaders, inspiring careers in the hospitality and tourism industries. It supported the first two Indigenous youth to participate in Germany’s Culinary Olympics. 

Catherine’s efforts are testament to the power of local engagement. Her selfless efforts are fostering community spirit and empowering Indigenous young people.