Carole Stacey

Paediatric physiotherapist and special needs advocate

2023 WA Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Paediatric physiotherapist Carole Stacey has advocated for almost 40 years for facilities to improve the lives of children with special needs.  

Carole became aware early in her career of the lack of opportunities for these children to be included in activities others took for granted, such as playing, exercising and competing.  

She knew parents, carers and families were also disadvantaged because of the lack of support, so she facilitated interactions between them to share experiences, advice and equipment.  

Carole fundraised more than $100,000 to design and construct an accessible, sensory-rich local playground for children of all capabilities and continues her advocacy for more widely accessible play equipment in Mandurah. 

She has worked in aquatic physiotherapy and volunteer swim coaching both in mainstream swim clubs and with squads designed for children with physical, medical and learning difficulties. 

Carole continues to voluntarily support children with a weekly swim squad and through Save the Children activities.