Carol Mead

Founder, Sew For Change

2023 ACT Local Hero Nominee

Carol Mead has been making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in the ACT for decades.

A nurse by profession, she has set up sexual health clinics, a medical practice for people with drug and alcohol issues, and an inclusive garden at Pearce Community Centre.

She’s been CEO of many Canberra community organisations, but in the past seven years her Sew For Change group has helped women and children in Canberra and further beyond.

The group meet to sew clothing and make menstrual packs that assist girls around the world to attend school when they have their period, ultimately leading to better life outcomes. The group has now provided thousands of menstrual packs and dresses to girls who needed them.

Sew For Change has also given a sense of community and purpose to Canberra women who are using their sewing skills to change lives.