Camille Schloeffel

Founder, The Stop Campaign

2023 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Camille Schloeffel is founder and director of The STOP Campaign, a volunteer-run program that advocates for change in how tertiary institutions respond to sexual violence on campus.

With help from a 2021 YWCA Great Ydeas grant, she developed The Safe Response Toolkit to support people wondering ‘what do I do now?’ after an act of sexual violence. The kit has advice on how to safely respond to sexual violence disclosures and how to access support services in Canberra, including legal, medical, crisis and post-crisis services.  

Camille is a senior policy offer in the public service, working in criminal justice responses to sexual assault. In 2020, she was awarded the Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore ways activists and universities can work together to prevent sexual violence.

In the advocacy space, Camille’s ability to listen with understanding has empowered those who previously have felt silenced and isolated.