Bryce Cronin

Engineer, designer and founder, Access3D

2023 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Bryce Cronin is an award-winning engineer who is harnessing technology for social good. Although he graduated from the University of Canberra in only 2020, he is already recognised as an emerging leader in the Australian technology sector.

Bryce set up Access3D in 2022, when assistive devices for people living with a disability were hit with rising costs and import delays. This volunteer network of 3D-printer experts manufacture simple assistive technologies – including cutlery grips and writing aids – and provides them free to those who need them.

Bryce has been designing 3D-printable accessibility devices and low-cost robotics for classrooms since 2020. He was awarded the Australian Computer Society medal for his design of a 3D-printable COVID-19 face shield for developing nations.

He has won international hackathons with his prototype apps and established to promote STEM events nationally, as well as encourage our younger generations to study STEM subjects.