Bruce and Denise Morcombe

Child protection advocates

2012 QLD Australian of the Year

Bruce and Denise Morcombe are the parents of 13-year-old Queenslander Daniel Morcombe, who was tragically last seen alive eight years ago. In the years since Daniel’s disappearance, Bruce and Denise have shown immense fortitude and bravery, their great dignity drawing widespread admiration from the Australian community. The Morcombes have now established the Daniel Morcombe Foundation which is committed to educating children about personal safety and raising awareness for their protection. Despite their grief, they have worked through the foundation to speak at schools, community gatherings and public events. Among the foundation’s achievements are Day for Daniel, a national day of action to educate children about personal safety. Growing in each of its first seven years, Day for Daniel in October 2011 achieved more than one million participating students with school registrations recorded in all Australian States and Territories. The foundation also provides financial support to grieving or suffering children to help cover a range of special needs. The Foundation Red DVD, a free educational resource available from the foundation’s website, offers a simple and practical blueprint about child safety that children and parents can incorporate into their daily lives. Bruce and Denise are determined that through the foundation, their ordeal will help protect other children.