Brian Egan

Drought relief helper

2008 QLD Senior Australian of the Year

Brian Egan knows exactly what drought-stricken families are going through – he lost his own farm in the 1990’s due to drought and personal depression. Five years ago he and his wife, Nerida, established Aussie Helpers to try to alleviate hardship and lift the spirits of families severely affected by drought. Tapping into the bush telegraph, Aussie Helpers finds farming families in desperate need of help. Brian and his band of committed volunteers have given away over 150 tonnes of groceries and over 600 tonnes of stock feed and assisted more than 1,000 families. Aussies Helpers raises funds through thrift shops in Dalby and Charleville and asking for donations to the annual Bush Christmas Appeal and the ongoing Drought Relief Appeal. Brian’s hampers help transform Christmas from a bleak and depressing time to one of joy and celebration, while other money goes towards farm repairs, dental care, and coastal holidays for outback families.