Beverley Trivett

Director and Chair of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

2022 QLD Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Inspired to promote a greater understanding of brain cancer following the death of her husband John in 1997 from glioblastoma multiforme, Beverley Trivett has devoted almost 25 years to driving the development of brain cancer resources.

Beverley has been a Director of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation since April 2015. It is now the leading organisation for research, advocacy and treatments in Australia, with a mission to rapidly improve brain cancer survival, and ultimately find a cure.

Previously, Beverley was Founder and Director of the John Trivett Foundation from 1998 to 2015, in tribute to her late husband.

Since 2013, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has seen $21 million invested into brain cancer research, funded 53 research grants, invested $3.63 million into clinical trials, and created 3,500 brain cancer resources.

Beverley’s voluntary dedication to developing better outcomes for people living with brain cancer demonstrates her abiding interest in giving back to a community with unique needs.