Beverley Langley

Wildlife rescuer

2009 SA Local Hero

Bev Langley runs a voluntary animal rescue service and has rescued and rehabilitated more than 6,000 injured and orphaned animals. Without the support of government funding she relies on donations and the goodwill of others to carry out her work. More than 120 volunteers assist her with feeding animals, building enclosures and collecting or donating food for the Minton Farm Native Animal and Bird Refuge that she set up on her property. Her residents include everything from horses, cows and kangaroos to geese, sugar gliders and kookaburras. Those animals unable to be released due to injuries that would prevent them from fending for themselves are retained at the farm and used to educate the community. Many school groups visit the farm and Bev takes every opportunity possible to teach both children and adults about wildlife, helping promote respect and understanding towards all animals.

Every day Bev responds to many calls for help from organisations like the RSPCA, Belair National Park and the public. She is always there when a major environmental disaster occurs, assisting with the aftermath. Without financial reward, Bev has selflessly invested all her spare time into responding to the plight of our wildlife.