Babajide Omojola

Community mentor

2023 TAS Local Hero Nominee

Babajide Omojola believes a person’s past doesn’t have to define their present or future. He helps others reshape their lives for the better.

Babajide came to Tasmania from Africa. He now assists other African migrants to adapt to their new home, become familiar with Australian culture and law, and find study and employment opportunities.

He also encourages them to contribute to their new community, which he believes is key to a person feeling they are an asset.

In addition, Babajide works with prison inmates to identify skills they’d like to learn, or causes they can contribute to, so they can achieve a better quality of life in or out of prison. The aim is to redefine their situation and deliver a sense of dignity and purpose.

Babajide is changing lives, one conversation at a time, and in doing that he is strengthening community for all Tasmanians.