Asha Clementi

Co-founder of The Girls Leadership Network

2022 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Through her work as co-founder of The Girls Leadership Network and founder of Girls Run The World, Asha Clementi is inspiring young women to pursue their leadership dreams.

Asha co-founded The Girls Leadership Network in 2017 at the age of 18. The program holds a series of free leadership workshops for young women aged 16 to 21, inspiring participants to create and run their own initiatives – from school clubs to social impact start-ups.

In 2018, Asha founded Girls Run The World – a program that encourages young women to engage in diplomacy. It gives participants the opportunity to spend a day in a participating Embassy or High Commission, meeting with Ambassadors and making tangible contributions to the embassy’s work.

Asha also continues to positively impact the lives of hundreds of young people through her leadership position with Griffin Hall, at the Australian National University, and her role as a UN Youth ACT representative.