Anthony Hart

Founder of Invigor Wellbeing

2022 SA Local Hero Nominee

In November 2003, Anthony Hart was on anti-depressants, sleep deprived and suffering from depression. He made a significant attempt on his life. Through a remarkable stroke of luck, he clung onto life and survived. Since that day he has been on a mission to shift the narrative around mental health in Australia.

In 2017, Anthony founded Invigor Wellbeing to empower people to identify and address challenges before they escalate into serious mental health issues. Through his arduous recovery, he developed the Lifeback Tracker – a self-help tool to assist anyone dealing with early signs of stress, anxiety or depression. It offers users four simple steps to help them achieve better mental health.

Anthony also created the ‘Save Our Mates’ Community Wellbeing Roadshows. These events aim to improve community wellbeing by promoting help-seeking behaviours in men and women.

Anthony shares his story to inspire Australians to take better care of their mind and physical wellbeing.