Anthony Edler

Youth worker teaching life employment skills

2017 TAS Local Hero

A community leader and positive role model, Anthony Edler is driving a program that helps disadvantaged and at-risk young people in his community. As the coordinator of the Risdon Vale Bike Collective, Ant combines his knowledge and skills of mountain biking and youth work to help young people fix broken-down bikes while developing life and employment skills and making a positive contribution to society. Since Ant started the program 13 years ago, more than 1200 bikes have been restored; some have been sold, 500 have been given away locally and 440 donated to people in Namibia, creating jobs, helping children get to school and supporting nurses to care for the sick. With patience and passion, Ant has built links with funding bodies and businesses, schools and charities to fund community projects, including an upgrade to the local BMX track and the development of bush trails. He’s helped over 250 kids gain support and confidence, as well as the satisfaction of giving to others in need.