Angus Olsen

Childhood cancer illustrator and author

2024 NSW Local Hero

Angus Olsen’s daughter, Jane, was two when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. While Angus sat at his daughter’s bedside during her weeks of chemotherapy and surgery, he began drawing about her procedures to make sense of it.  

The former Disney artist now creates artworks and books in simple language to help children better understand their cancer treatment. 

He’s produced more than 20 books, which have been translated into 24 languages. His books and artworks have been accessed by people in 102 countries.  

In 2020, Angus also made a series of comics that illustrated the similarities between lockdown and what children with cancer face all the time.  

Angus has teamed with several charities to create resources and raise funds for childhood cancer research. 

He makes no profit from his illustrations. Every one of his images can be accessed free from his website and social media pages.