Alex Dekker

Founder of Alex Makes Meals

2022 VIC Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Alex Dekker first began preparing meals for his sister while she was working as a nurse at a screening clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shocked that she only had time to eat a single muesli bar during her 15-hour shift, Alex was inspired to act.

He soon started offering cooked meals to other healthcare workers during their shifts, before launching his social enterprise, Alex Makes Meals. Today, Alex not only feeds medical staff but other frontline workers, international students, disadvantaged youth, and people who are homeless. To meet the demand, he now cooks from two kitchens.

Since its inception, Alex Makes Meals has provided more than 250,000 meals to those who need them. He expertly coordinates the fundraising efforts, volunteer management, kitchen facilities and delivery vehicles to ensure his charity is a success.

Through his selflessness, drive and passion for the cause, Alex is a fine example of leadership and entrepreneurship during difficult times.