Craig Scott

President of Goodwood Saints Football Club

SANomineeLocal Hero2021

President of Goodwood Saints Football Club (Goody Saints), Craig Scott has been a driving force in the club for more than 43 years.

Thanks to Craig’s vision and guidance, everyone is welcome and valued at Goody Saints. Craig has championed the SANFL Inclusive League, ensuring players with integration difficulties including mental and physical disabilities are wholly integrated into the club. Junior players are also developed at Goody Saints – with no tryouts or cuts.

Craig has steered the club to actively support social justice issues. These include opportunities for the homeless from the Hutt Street Centre and supporting causes like the Red Shield appeal, breast cancer and mental health awareness, and White Ribbon Day. The team also acknowledges and supports Indigenous causes.

A police officer outside the club, since 1994 Craig has been involved in Operation Flinders, a new direction for at-risk youth. His encouraging communication style and strong leadership have helped create a stronger, healthier and more resilient community.