Ms Bernadette Black GAICD

After personally experiencing the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy, Bernadette (Bernie) Black founded Brave Foundation in 2009 to provide resources and education opportunities to support teenage parents. She aims to build a village of support and acceptance around teenage parents so that they can grow healthy, happy families.

TASState RecipientAustralian of the Year2019

As a once 16-year-old mother, Bernie is the founder and CEO of BRAVE Foundation , Australia's only national organisation, supporting and representing 8,300 expectant and parenting teens in each year.

This year, after over 12 years of lobbying Federal ministers and National Human Rights Commissioners, BRAVE Foundation was awarded $4.4 M to run a nationwide trial connecting 350 expecting and parenting teens to education and support opportunities.

With a strong sense of destiny, Bernie overcame adversity to finish her education; becoming a qualified nurse, upskilled her corporate governance capacity, enabling her to be appointed to Boards and strengthening her influence internationally to highlight acceptance and care around every person facing teenage pregnancy and parenthood, so that they can grow a healthy family.

Bernie has been Awarded Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year and Telstra Tasmanian Woman of the Year